About Snap Laundromat
Our Motto

Snap Laundromats are family owned. We are locals to Brisbane, and take great pride in our business.

Our motto is Fast, Easy & Clean - we strive to ensure our self service laundries offer these ideals to all our customers.

We offer first class, internationally renowned brand Dexter Laundry washers & dryers. Together with an automatic anti-bacterial detergent dispensing system, free internet WiFi, cashless payments and free SMS reminders - we embrace technology & innovation to make your laundromat experiences safe, fast & reliable.

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Our Story
The Busy Snap Team

The Start Total Refit at Taringa

We founded Snap Laundromat at Taringa, renovating the existing laundromat in June 2013. We replaced the ageing equipment with Dexter Laundry machines, and installed an automatic detergent dispensing system. We custom built all the fittings, furniture, floor and signage at Taringa ourselves.

A New LookOur Taringa Laundry Opens

Snap is themed with contemporary green and retro orange colours to compliment the brand new, stainless steel washing machines & dryers. Our Taringa store is bright and welcoming; we ensure the entire laundromat is well lit and safe for our night-time customers.

Expansion Paddington joins the family

We took over the historical laundromat at Paddington in early 2014. Also with a long term laundromat history, Paddington is fully equipped with Dexter Laundry washing machines and dryers, including a MEGA express washer.

TransformationRenovations at Paddington

We renovated the site ourselves in May 2014, adding new washing machines, express dryers, change machine and detergent dispensing system. The laundromat has been transformed with new colours, signage, furniture & fitout.

More LocationsNew Sites at Lutwyche and West End

2016 was a HUGE year for the Snap Team, with expansion to Brisbane's northside (Lutwyche) and inner city (West End).

MOOROOKA2018 - new location at Moorooka.

We recently transfomated the 40-year-old laundromat at Moorooka, into Snap Laundromat's 5th site. NOW OPEN with all new Dexter Laundry washers and dryers.

KEPERRA and ALDERLEY2020 and 2022 - Snap opened the 6th and 7th sites.

Focused on offering a safe laundry experience for all - Snap has built two brand new laundromats at Keperra and Alderley. As with all sites, all washers automatically provide FREE anti-bacterial detergent and cashless payments, and now with snack vending machines!

World Class Equipment Dexter Laundry Washers & Dryers

The Dexter Laundry washing machines and dryers are world renowned for their quality operation, reliability and stylish stainless steel design. Their environmentally friendly qualities are also extremely important to us; the washers use significantly less water and energy, and the dryers deliver maximum energy efficiency.

Cashless PaymentsPay & Activate Electronically

We are one of the first coin laundromats in Australia that offer cashless payments! Simply use your mobile device to pay and activate the washing machines and dryers using Eziwash. Receive free SMS reminders when a cycle is complete.

Continuous ImprovementDaily Maintenance for Reliability

We have a very ‘hands on’ approach to establishing, cleaning and maintaining our Laundromats. We embrace technology & innovation to make laundry experiences easy, safe, relevant and reliable.


Mobile Tap to Pay

Use your phone!
Pay and start the washers and dryers with Eziwash.
SMS Reminders when cycle complete.


Tips from us!
We offer the highest quality commercial washers and dryers. The machine internals are all clean stainless steel, and do not leave marks. There is no malfunction possible of the machine that will cause staining.

To ensure an optimal customer experience at our laundromats, please observe the following:

Overloading the machines does not allow your laundry items to tumble and agitate the fibres, therefore does not afford the best possible clean. We recommend you use multiple machines to assist with extra large loads.
Wash and Dry cycles incur normal wear and tear on your laundry. Laundering aged, worn, perished, bleached, UV-damaged, fatigued or dilapidated items including - sun-damaged quilt covers and doonas - may result in rupture of seams and filling of those items.
Ensure that all pockets and sleeves are clear of foreign objects. Metal screws, keys, pens, markers, pins, lip balm, gum, coins and cards left in pockets can damage your laundry and require costly repairs to our machines. Metal hooks and clips must be removed from curtains and mats.
Zippers have jagged teeth that can snag other fabrics in the washer. To prevent damage to other garments, take the time to zip up all garments prior to washing. You should fasten clasps on all bras prior to a wash or dry.
Shirts should be left unbuttoned when washed. This helps guard against tears in the button holes and protects the button threads from being pulled and loosened in the wash.
Ensure you thoroughly inspect the washing machine or dryer drum is empty before placing you items in for use. This will ensure any remaining items or foreign articles from the previous customer does not impact your laundry. Other objects may discolour or stain your laundry.
When shutting the washer door, ensure that all your laundry is inside the drum and not caught in the washer door or door rubbers. Snagged items will cause damage to your laundry, and cause water to leak onto the floor and create a hazard. In such an event, use the emergency stop button to stop the washer and release the washer door.
Please ensure you check the wash/dry instructions of your laundry. Some items may be “dry-clean only” or unsuitable for our services.
Some items are unsuitable for our services because they may cause damage to the machines or item itself, not complete an effective wash or impact other customer experiences. This includes (but not limited to) pet blankets, sisal mats and carpets, sequinned or tasselled garments, fur coats, leather garments, yoga mats, mattresses. Materials soaked in flammable products - such as grease, massage oil or cooking fats - can be a fire hazard in the dryers and are not suitable.
Delicate items should be placed in a suitable delicates wash bag.
The machines automatically dispense a suitable dose of high quality commercial laundry detergent. Note that this detergent is free from fragrance (low aroma) for skin sensitivities. Adding additional detergents can create extra suds that do not completely rinse out of the clothes, leaving behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt, dust and bacteria.
For the safety of your items, please stay with your items for the duration of the cycle.
Ensure your items are promptly removed from the machines when the cycle is complete, for the next customer. We offer a free SMS reminder service when your cycle is complete. If left unattended, other customers may move your items from the washers or dryers so that they may make use of them.
For the health and wellbeing of our customers, we strictly DO NOT permit pet bedding and/or pet blankets in any of our washers and dryers.